Institute for Ageing



A key objective of Newcastle University's societal challenge theme around ageing is to bring a unique combination of public, research and business insights to help produce inclusive solutions for the emerging market created by demographic change.

Our aim is to help your business to grow in the emerging market created by an ageing society. We seek to make you aware of the business opportunity, and then offer support by developing solutions and services through engaging with the University's skills, knowledge, research and facilities.

Understanding the growing ageing market will provide your company with the opportunity to engage with a longer living, healthier, more discerning and diverse group of active consumers.

We can make this happen by providing access to our research, knowledge, skills and facilities and help you to:

  • develop your business plan to include the older consumer
  • produce products and services which can be marketed at the ageing population
  • access researchers with world class knowledge and research facilities
  • access scientifically proven business content
  • improve your workforce skills around ageing

The Business Innovation Facility provides space for companies and researchers to network, collaborate and co-locate.

An important resource available to companies working with us is Voice, a public group consisting of over 1,000 members from all backgrounds across the North East.

Case Studies show the breadth of work being undertaken.

For more information about how we can help your business contact