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Industrial Strategy 2018

Join us in a unique opportunity to influence Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund decisions

The Government are inviting ideas from industry to shape the call for the third wave of societal and industrial challenges as part of their Industrial Strategy.

£1 billion has been allocated to the first wave of challenges, and a further £725 million has been announced for wave two.

Wave three comprises four grand challenges. To help shape the direction of activity, UK industry and research can submit proposals aligned clearly to one of the four categories

Newcastle University are keen to engage with industry partners in the category 'meeting the needs of an ageing society', in order to offer practical help with the expression of interest application and submission process.

Learn more about working together in this area, by contacting Martin Cox, Director of Business Development and Enterprise.

Why work with Newcastle University

Newcastle University, as a world leader in ageing research and innovation, is well placed to join with industry in submissions for this area.

It hosts the Newcastle University Institute for Ageing and the National Innovation Centre for Ageing; a new global initiative bringing together world leading scientists, business and industry, the NHS, other care providers and the public, to develop, test and bring to market products and services which enhance and improve quality of life as we age.

The vision is to help create a society better equipped to meet the opportunities and challenges associated with ageing populations through collaborative working.

Newcastle University also hosts the National Innovation Centre for Data – an initiative that is dedicated to harness opportunities offered by the explosion in digital data. As the home of both centres, Newcastle University is uniquely equipped to support collaborative working in both areas, as well as multidisciplinary projects that cross more than one of the Industrial Strategy’s grand challenges.

Newcastle University's close relationship with the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust provides additional opportunities for infrastructure development across multiple sites.

Next steps

The deadline for the government’s call for expressions of interest (EOI) is Wednesday 18th April 2018 at 12.00pm.

If you are interested and wish to explore opportunities, access world leading expertise and help with preparing the EOIs then please contact Martin Cox, Director of Business Development and Enterprise on +44 (0) 191 208 7309 or email

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