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National Innovation Centre for Ageing

National Innovation Centre for Ageing

In November 2014, the UK Government announced a £20million investment in Newcastle University, to part-fund the establishment of a £40million National Innovation Centre for Ageing, enabling Newcastle researchers to take a global approach to the multi-faceted issue of an ageing population.

The National Innovation Centre for Ageing will bring together, in one centre, world-leading scientists to work together with industry, the NHS  and the public to develop, test and bring to market products which promote healthy ageing as we grow older. 

We will achieve our aim through:

  • creating an inter-disciplinary innovation eco-system with key researchers (design, computer science, engineering and health and social science) working with older people, public sector and industry in co-design and product development.
  • developing formal relationships with other national and international research hubs to provide strengthened co-ordination and coherence in the response to the challenges of an ageing population.
  • creating strong links with businesses including leading multinational companies, that are seeking to improve their offer to older people.

For further information please contact, or visit the National Innovation Centre for Ageing website