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What We Do

Ageing innovation - what we do


Our team will handle all your requirements and engage with you every step of the way.

These steps will give you an idea of the project process but as all projects are different there may be aspects of the process which will be adapted to suit your requirements.

  1. Initial Scoping - company meeting with the team to discuss age related opportunity
  2. Method of collaboration - a number of options exist including:
    • student/graduate placements
    • VOICENorth
    • consultancy
    • commercial research
    • knowledge transfer
  3. Detailed scoping - our team engage with an academic and, along with your company, agree the project objectives, outputs and timescales
  4. Proposal and contract - proposal with pricing, terms and conditions discussed and agreed with your company and the project is contracted
  5. Delivery - project is delivered in set timescales supported by our team
  6. Completion - after completion the project is reviewed and a case study is produced highlighting the business and research impact

Collaboration Activities


Newcastle University's consultancy services can offer your organisation access to a vast pool of expertise with impartial, cost effective and innovative solutions such as:

  • specialist scientific/technological advice and guidance
  • laboratory based testing
  • data evaluation and assessment
  • speaker agreements
  • expert witness services

A unique service available to companies is our VOICE group, a large and representative group of people across the region who can add value to your business proposition.

Knowledge Transfer

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) can help your business improve competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills that reside within the UK knowledge base.

Student/Graduate Placements

Newcastle University Careers Service can help you find students and graduates to add value to your organisation through a number of routes.

As part of their interaction with the business community, Newcastle University Business School also offers opportunities to work with students through their placement scheme.

Commercial Research

Newcastle University undertakes globally significant research across a wide range of disciplines and locations.

The University has a strong ethos of supporting multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research based on our excellence within individual disciplines. We achieve excellence in those disciplines by focusing our research on key areas of strength.

Newcastle University is recognised as a leading centre for ageing research.

Further information

Contact Mike Morgan, Business Development Manager, for more information on working with our researchers, and how their skills and knowledge can benefit your business.