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NUIA Director advises on ageing at Conservative Party Conference

Professor Louise Robinson, Director of the Newcastle University Institute for Ageing took part in a panel discussion on ageing and health in the North of England as part of the Conservative Party Conference.

At the panel event, which was organised by IPPR North and Northern Health Science Alliance (NHSA) for the Conservative Party Conference, Professor Louise Robinson joined representatives from University of Manchester, the Northern Health Science Alliance, IPPR North and the Conservative Policy Forum to discuss health inequalities in the region.

Other members of the panel included, Professor Ian Greer (Vice-President the University of Manchester), Dr Hakim Yadi (CEO of the Northern Health Science Alliance), Ed Cox (Director IPPR North) and George Freeman (MP Chair of the Conservative Policy Forum).

Louise Robinson, who is Professor of Primary Care and Ageing at Newcastle University provided input on ageing, dementia, community and end of life care for older people in the North. She commented that recent research in epidemiology of ageing and disease shows that as a nation, we are living longer, but not necessarily in better health. This is a trend that is amplified in northern regions.

She commented: "It was a great pleasure to join colleagues representing the health economy of the North at the Conference this week. There was an energy to the discussions and a real commitment to coming together to improve the health of the population, including our ageing community and those who may be more in need of health interventions."

Looking to the future, Professor Robinson made her case for a more preventative longer term approach to health care; encouraging better support for healthy lifestyle behaviours throughout life in order to ensure better health in later years.

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published on: 6 October 2017