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How Do We Age

How Do We Age?

A better understanding of the mechanisms behind why we age and why age-related chronic illnesses develop, allows us to develop potential curative and disease-modifying treatments.

Over the past 40 years, great advances have been made in understanding how ageing occurs. This knowledge will help with the development of early and preventative interventions against chronic disease, and to shape the behaviours necessary for healthy ageing.

Prevention of age-related disease

We are beginning to understand why individuals age so differently. Specifically how much of this is the result of genetic disposition and how much the result of environment and behaviour. 

Our ageing research seeks to achieve a deeper understanding of why our bodies experience the features of ageing. It looks at what changes occur at a molecular and cellular level, why we are more likely to develop illnesses as we grow older and how this process comes to present itself through multiple chronic diseases, such as osteoarthritis and dementia, which for many of us mark later life. 

Much of our ageing research in this area falls into the categories of: