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Dr Mohsen Naqvi

Lecturer in Signal and Information Processing


Dr Naqvi is:

  • Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Signal and Information Processing
  • Degree Programme Director, MSc in Coms. & Signal Processing
  • Race Equality Champion, SAgE Faculty 
  • Associate Editor - IEEE Transations on Signal Processing
  • Associate Editor - Elsevier Journal on Signal Processing

His main research focus is in multimodal (multi-sensor) signal and information processing for applications in homeland security, smart healthcare systems and future autonomous systems. He has above 100 publications/contributions in his research area. His very recent research projects can be seen at Intelligent Sensing Lab

Google scholar: Click here. 

Professional Memberships 

  • Fellow, The Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
  • Senior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • Senior Member, IEEE Signal Processing Society
  • Member EPSRC College & Member UKRI FLF College
  • Member, Phase II University Defence Research Centre (UDRC) in Signal Processing
  • Member International Society of Information Fusion (ISIF) & Member European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP)

Special Sessions Organizer and Summer School:

  • ISIF/IEEE FUSION 2013-2014
  • UDRC 2015-2017

TPC Memberships and Regular Reviewer:

  • IEEE, Elsevier and IET journals.


Multimodal Signal and Information Processing for seeking a window into human mind and mental state (Artificial Intelligence) for future autonomous systems is the main engineering challenge of his research. He is contributing solutions in:

Signal and Information Processing for Machine Learning  ( )

  1. Multi-target Tracking for Security and Surveillance


  2. Multimodal Speech Source Separation  


  3. Multimodal Processing for Human Behaviour Analysis


He always welcomes talented students with good analytical abilities for MSc and PhD projects. 

Present PhD Students:  

  • Mr Yang Sun
  • Mr Zeyu Fu
  • Mr Federico Angelini
  • Mr Yang Xian
  • Mr Jiawei Yan
  • Miss Ayusha Abbas
  • Mr Yi Li
  • Mr Yuxing Yang 

  Past PhD Students:  

  • Dr Yanfeng Liang, 2010-13
  • Dr Muhammad Salman Khan, 2011-14
  • Dr Ata-ur-Rehman,  2011-14
  • Dr Jack Harris, 2012-15
  • Dr Segun Aina,   2012-15
  • Dr Pengming Feng, 2012-16
  • Dr Zeinab Zohny, 2012-16
  • Dr Waqas Rafique, 2012-16


  • “Multimodal Wide Area Surveillance”, iCASE  EPSRC/Thales, 53K   
  • “Multimodal Wide Area Surveillance”, NU, 36K
  • “Multimodal Information Processing for Security and Surveillance”, PEIPF NU,  £10.5K
  • "Multimodal data processing for automated livestock disease monitoring and environment control system", BBSRC, £8K
  • “Signal Processing Solutions for the Networked Battlespace”, EPSRC/Dstl, FEC £4.3M (CI) 
  •  “Signal Processing for Ballistic Missile Kill Assessment in a Networked Multimodal Sensor Environment”, BAE Systems, £22K, (CI)
  • “Audio and Video Based Speech Separation for Multiple Moving Sources within a Room Environment”, EPSRC, £700K (Contribution and the research proposal was based on the findings in his PhD studies).
  •  Various Loughborough University internal funding



    Degree Programme Director, MSc in Communications and Signal Processing 

    Fellow of  The Higher Education Academy 

    Designed, delivered and assessed UG and PG modules


    1. Signals and Communications I (EEE1005) 

    2. Signals and Communications 2 (EEE2009)  
    3. Intelligent Signal Processing (EEE8129)


    1. 2015-2018: Digital Signal Processing and Estimation (EEE3004-EEE8001) 

    2. 2015-2018: Advanced Multimedia Systems (EEE8010)

    3. 2012-2015: Intelligent Signal Processing (Loughborough University)

    4. 2012-2015: Information Theory and Coding (Loughborough University)

    5. 2012-2015: Digital Signal Processing Fundaments (Loughborough University)

    Since 1995, we offer a unique MSc programme in Communications and Signal Processing (CSP). This MSc programme will equip the students with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience necessary to embark on a career as a design or development engineer in the field of communications and signal processing. We offer fundamental modules such as Mobile and Cellular Communications and Information Theory and Coding, as well as, other exciting modules on “21st century” technologies such as Intelligent Signal Processing and Internet of Things.

    I am currently the Degree Programme Director of the MSc in CSP. I would be very happy to address any questions related to the degree. Please feel free to email me.

    To apply to join this MSc programme please visit: How to Apply.