Institute for Ageing


Newcastle Ageing Generations Education

In recognition of the increasing importance of the role of older people in society, Newcastle University is committed to expanding its research and teaching activity in relation to ageing.

Newcastle Ageing Generations Education (NU-AGE) is a cross-faculty module about ageing, in its broadest context. It is aimed at undergraduate students from any degree programme.

Registration for the next NU AGE module, will be available soon, but please watch the short film about NU-AGE to find out more.

Newcastle University Ageing Programme - NUAGE 2018

Module Aims

The aims of the NU-Age module are to:

  • demonstrate the relevance of ageing in the modern world, with examples arising from a range of disciplines including health, engineering and the arts
  • emphasise positive concepts relating to ageing such as “Ageing well”, the maintenance of
  • health, and anti-ageist approaches to public engagement
  • facilitate interaction between students and older people and create opportunities for co-learning
  • raise awareness of the different ageing related research currently being undertaken at Newcastle University in all three faculties
  • encourage students to consider potential topics for future research around an ageing related theme


The module structure and curriculum have been developed through consultation and collaboration with students and a team of older people.

Teaching and learning methods include interactive lectures, seminars and e-learning.

One of our key aims is to involve older people in the delivery and evaluation of the module. Involvement activities include:

  • older people attending and contributing to lectures, seminars and debates
  • organising contact between students and older people to provide opportunities to exchange ideas
  • appointing older people to give formative feedback on student assignments


Module leadsEllen Tullo and Laura Greaves

The module is:

  • 10-credit module (100 hours)
  • available to undergraduate students from any degree program
  • taken at any stage of degree (with approval from DPD)
  • run during semester 2 (Feb-May)

You can register for the course using the form below.