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Anti-racism pledge

Anti-racism pledge

Tackling racial inequality

At Newcastle, we have made tacking racial inequality an institutional priority, signifying the strong commitment of the University to this work.

We teach about anti-racism; we research anti-racism and this research has real-world impact; and we work towards changing professional policies and practices. But we understand that there is still much work to do.

Join us in showing your support and stand with us against racial injustice by signing our anti-racism pledge below.

The pledge

As a supporter of Newcastle University, I sign this anti-racism pledge and in doing so, I agree to:

  • Challenge racist behaviour I encounter online or in person
  • Support those who are victims of racism and those who are challenging racism
  • Share research and articles about racism and anti-racism with my social networks
  • Understand that racism is structural (institutional) and interpersonal
  • Continue to challenge myself and my close family and friends to do better when it comes to challenging racism and promoting anti-racism.


Eleanor Lythe, 2016

Ashleigh King, 2020 'The only way we can fight racism is to challenge and tackle problematic behaviour everyday, in our workplaces and communities. We can only do this together.'

Ginny Glithero (staff)

Lauren Huntington (staff) 'That racial inequality still exists in 2021 is shameful. It is our collective responsibility to tackle it in our own lives and leave a legacy of parity, kindness and hope.'

Jeremy Pidgeon (staff)

Laura Watson (staff)

Anoop Nayak 'It's not just important to me - it's important to all humankind.'

Bob Collins, 1973 'Racist behaviour and particularly institutional racism is increasing and must be challenged.'

Anonymous 'Racial equality is the key to humanity and the only world I want for my children.'

Claire Kolenda 'We will all suffer injustice at some point in our lives, so lets pull together to befriend, support and empower those who need us!


Anonymous, 2018

Rajat Dhanawat, 2020 'To ensure equality across the society!!'

Rachel Levene, 1987 'Racism is a scourge and has no place in civilised society. Over my entire career from medical student to doctor, I have worked with people from all over the world and from all ethnic backgrounds and have learnt so much from these people and my life has been richer for it. Racism is based on ignorance and stupidity and we all have a part to play in actively stamping it out.'

Naomi Oosman-Watts (staff) 'It's important that we all recognise we have a part to play, actively, in stamping out racism. I am proud to be part of it and very happy to see it happening at Newcastle University.'

Julie Sanders (staff) 'I want Newcastle University to be an anti-racist institution and to be an ally to all those working for inclusive and equitable societies.'

Maya Barton, 2021

Dr Manjunadh Pillai

Michael Katsaris

Dannika Glaister (staff)

Joshua Adams (staff)

Paul Tyack (staff) 'Unless a commitment to tackling prejudice and discrimination is backed up with positive action, we can never be more than bystanders. If we want to live in a world beyond prejudice, we have to be willing to challenge ourselves and others and to aspire to something better.'

Nadia Benstead (staff)


Toni Bell

Calum Kirk, 2017


Simon Thomas

Terri Hennessy

Patrick Place, 1980 'It's not enough to be not racist, we need to be active to end the growing racism in our communities.'

Rasha El-Ibiary, 2006

Ko hing Foo, 1981 'Better world'

Emma Haagensen (staff)

Trevor James 'As someone who is Black British it's fantastic to see this pledge happening and to see NU making a difference.'

Andrew Cogan, 1989

Michael Rooze, 1967

Barry Turnbull, 1998

Tony Tseung, 1983

Ian Graham 'My family includes people from every continent, we need to support every individual and make all feel welcome and enjoy their participation in every day life. While we learn from each others experiences.'

Rebecca Stobbs (staff)

Lynn Peacock, 1993

Anonymous, 2018

Ian Kerr, 2005

Amy Reeve, 2007


Robert Wilson, 1987

Elice Clarke

Trudi Pemberton, 2017

Sophie McDermott, 2018

Theresa Poulton, 2013 'Academic institutions need to speak out and be clear about their views. As an alumni of Newcastle University I agree that education is the only way forward in addressing racism and inequality. I am a member of SUTRNE too.'

Ria Snowdon, 2011



Rosie Stephenson