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Alumni Societies

Alumni Societies

Connect, network and socialise with fellow alumni by joining an alumni society.

Meet likeminded alumni near you

Societies aren’t just for students. Whether you’re looking for professional contacts, sports or socialising, joining an alumni society is a great way to connect. As you share interests and build your networks, you'll also be keeping links with your University community alive.

Alumni societies can help you:

  • make friends with alumni in your area
  • get involved in sports or interests
  • meet people who studied the same subject
  • get advice from alumni who work in your sector

Alumni societies organise discussions, activities and events both digitally and locally. From on-campus events to online industry discussions, there are opportunities to stay connected no matter where you are based.

How do you connect with societies? Whether you need advice on your upcoming presentation, or want to discuss last night’s hottest new drama, connecting is simple. As the community grows, online can become offline with self-organised meet ups in locations that suit you.

Start your own alumni society

Can’t find a society that fills the bill? Get in touch today to find out how we can support you to set up your ideal society.

To get started, you’ll need one person who’s happy to take on a leadership role.

Download our Initial Society Guide.

Guidance for running your society

If you’re running an alumni society and you need inspiration or advice, check out our short Society Management guide. As well as giving general recommendations, it answers Frequently Asked Questions on the following:

  • Pre-event checklists
  • Events and activities
  • Society constitution

Download our Newcastle University Alumni Societies Guide.