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Join us in fondly remembering those members of our alumni community who have passed away.

Honouring the lives of your fellow alumni

We’re deeply saddened to announce the deaths of our Newcastle University alumni and supporters.

Below you'll find the obituaries of those we've lost in the last 12 months. We update this list monthly.

Deceased NU alumni


Course Title


Class of

Dr Alan Holmes MBBS MBBS 1969
Dr Alastair Todd MBBS MBBS  1949
Dr Alun R Morgan BDS BDS 1958
Mr Andrew H Morley Fine Art BA Hons 1969
Emeritus Professor Anthony J Morris   PhD 1970
Mr Anthony W Eastwood Geography BSc 1969
Miss Ashley L Milburn Business Management BA Hons  
Dr Bernard Dixon Microbiology & Biochemistry PhD 1965
Dr Bernard McStay   MD 1972
Mr Brian Newman Politics and History BA Hons 1990
Dr Christopher A Haigh   BDS 1969
Mr Christopher J Megaw Politics and East Asian Studies BA Hons  
Sir Colin Fielding Physics BSc 1948
Mr Daniel C Elliott Diploma in Architecture Dip 1961
Mr David H Barrett Agriculture BSc 1975
Professor David M Conning MBBS MBBS 1955
Emeritus Professor David Jenkins Applied Science PhD 1960
Dr David L Speirs Philosophy PhD 1969
Mr David V Moseley      
Mrs Deborah M Woods   BA Hons 1978
Mr Dejean S Easmon-George Agriculture with Farm Business Management BSc 2017
Emeritus Professor Donald Hardie Research Metallurgy PhD 1953
Mr Douglas I Brennan Civil Engineering BSc 1952
Mr Edward J Willems Chemical Engineering BSc 1971
Mr Edwin A Bristow LLB LLB 1951
Dr Elizabeth A Wearing MBBS MBBS 1970
Dr Elizabeth H Hall Medicine PhD 1973
Dr Elizabeth Wales MBBS MBBS 1945
Dr Elmar W Nave   MBBS 1960
Dr Francis Williams Marine Science DSc 1964
Lord Frank A Judd      
Mr Fred Makepeace Physics BSc 1952
Mr Frederick Godson Economics BA Hons 1961
Dr Geoffrey N Marsh   MD 1974
Mrs Gillian Owens Education MEd 1989
Dr Helen C Gent   BDS 1951
Miss Hilary F Taylor Architecture BA Hons 1985
Dr Howard A Young MBBS MBBS 1968
Mr Howard J Morgan Fine Art MA 1973
Professor Ivor J Richards      
Dr Jane Hughes Plant Biology PhD 1987
Professor Jennifer Clack Zoology PhD 1984
Mr John A Bennett Town and Country Planning BA Hons 1972
Mr John Bonnington Architecture   1951
Dr John D Rickinson MBBS MBBS 1950
Emeritus Professor John E Eastoe      
Mr John I Sharp      
Professor John N Tarn Architecture BA Hons 1957
Dr John R McGregor MBBS MBBS 1949
Mr John R Mitchell Pure Science BSc 1966
Sir John R Rowling Mathematics BSc 1962
Mr John T Moore      
Mr John O Woodhead German BA Hons 1963
Dr Joyce Goldsbrough MBBS MBBS 1954
Dame June Lloyd Public Health   1958
Dr Keith J Day   BDS 1981
Mr Kenneth Lamb Business Administration MBA 1988
Dr Kishorsingh U Solanki Medicine PhD 1977
Mr Leon Kitchen MLitt MLitt 1979
Dr Malcolm Simpson   BDS 1959
Mr Martin E Charlton Town and Country Planning BA Hons 1980
Professor Martin G Low Biochemistry BSc 1971
Mr Meldrum B Edwards Highway & Traffic Engineering Dip 1967
Mr Michael Cockerill Combined Studies BA Hons 1978
Professor Michael W Jones-Lee      
Dr Milica Liler      
Miss Miyuki Jacobsen Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding BEng Hons  
Mr Neil A Hadfield English Language and Literature BA Hons 1980
Dr Neil C Davidson MBBS MBBS 1990
Mr Nicholas J Truckle Geography BSc 1969
Dr Percy Golledge   BDS 1953
Mr Peter Keeton Lomas Economics BA Hons 1949
Dr Richard Hurst   BDS 1981
Mr Robert I Heslop English MA 1984
Mr Robert Rowland Combined Studies BA Hons 1988
Mr Rory J Burke Civil Engineering MEng 2015
Dr Russell G Mawby   Hon DCL 1977
Ms Susan M Clements Politics BA Hons 1977
Miss Terry D Edwards Education MEd 1978
Dr Terry Heppenstall General (Physics) BSc 1964
Dr Terence Crawford Muir Civil Engineering PhD 1968
Dr Wendy R Exton MBBS MBBS 1967
Mr William C Lang      
Dr William O Ord Chemistry PhD 1960
Mr Wyndham Rogers-Coltman   BSc 1978
Mr Yannis Costopoulos Naval Architecture BSc 1960