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Join us in fondly remembering those members of our alumni community who have passed away.

Honoring the lives of your fellow alumni

We’re deeply saddened to announce the deaths of our Newcastle University alumni and supporters.

Below you'll find the obituaries of those we've lost in the last 12 months. We update this list monthly.

Deceased NU alumni


Course Title


Class of

Mr Khaled Alfaraj Applied Linguistic Research MA 2009
Emeritus Professor Chrystal H Ashton      
Dr David J Astley Electrochemistry PhD 1968
Mrs Hilary Baines Agriculture BSc 1968
Miss Rachel J Baker Music BA Hons  
Dr Paul S Benneworth Geography PhD 2002
Mr Anthony P Bigg Metallurgy BSc 1953
Mr Roy Blenkinsop Coal Petrology/organic Geochemistry MSc 1970
Dr John A Bone Anatomy BSc 1972
Mr Richard J Bradburn Electrical Engineering BSc 1974
Mr Adrian L Bratby Flood Risk Management MSc 2013
Dr David I Cannon Dental Surgery BDS 1965
Mr Gerald Carruthers Management Practice PgD  
Mr Barrie C Chessell Applied Science BSc 1967
Professor Malcolm L Chiswick MBBS MBBS 1965
Mr Peter M Condon German BA Hons 1971
Mr Jonathan Cousins Physics BSc 1984
Mr George W Dawson Agriculture BSc 1990
Dr Julie A Dundas Dental Surgery BDS 1980
Mr Meldrum B Edwards MBE Highway & Traffic Engineering Dip 1967
Dr Ian A Edwards Chemistry BSc 1963
Mr Daniel C Elliott Diploma in Architecture Dip 1961
Mr David J Ellis Mechanical Engineering BSc 1983
Mr Damhan Farmer MB BS MBBS  
Mr Paul K Fashanu Udofe NUBS PhD  
Mr Alexander Fergusson Linguistics with French BA Hons  
Mr Adam S Freeman Economics and Finance BSc Hons  
Mrs Krystyna S Gaffney      
Dr Helen C Gent Dental Surgery BDS 1951
Dr Joyce Goldsbrough MBBS MBBS 1954
Mr Adam Gray Agricultural and Food Marketing BSc 1981
Mr Derek J Greig Agricultural Engineering MSc 1954
Dr Christopher A Haigh Dental Surgery BDS 1969
Ms Gwen Heeney Fine Art/Art History PhD  
Mr Alexander A Henderson MBE Architecture Dip 1952
Dr Terry Heppenstall General (Physics) BSc 1964
Mr Robert I Heslop English Language & Literature BA Hons 1969
Mr Paul Hughes Electrical & Electronic Engineering MEng 1995
Dr Jane Hughes Plant Biology PhD 1987
Mr Robert Irving Mechanical Engineering BSc 1960
Mr Malachy C Iwuagwu Research Training CRT 2014
Mr Iain N Jackson Town & Country Planning BA Hons 1964
Mrs Susan M James Certificate in Psychology CRT  
Miss Elisabeth R Jobes Marketing and Management BSc  
Mr Peter Keeton Lomas Economics BA Hons 1949
Dr Sheila Kirk Architecture PhD 1990
Mr Kenneth Lamb Business Administration MBA 1988
Miss Carolina Lapastora Sustainable Land Management & Rural Development MSc  
Mr Bryan D Laycock Environmental Biogeochemistry MSc  
Emeritus Professor Philip D Lowe OBE      
Dr Catherine W McGrother MBBS MBBS 1975
Mr Alan Meakin Education BPhil 1986
Ms Beverly Melvin Civil Engineering MEng Hons  
Mr Barry C Moorhouse Geology BSc 1971
Mr Howard J Morgan Fine Art BA Hons 1971
Mr Roger R Mullen Physics/mathmatics BSc 1960
Dr Iain J Mungall MBBS MBBS 1968
Mr James Naylor MB BS (Accelerated Programme) MBBS  
Mr John O'Donel-Watts Biodiversity Conservation & Ecosystem Management MSc  
Mr Kristian A O'Neill Mathematics and Accounting BSc  
Mr Martyn Osmond Marketing BSc  
Mrs Gillian Owens Education MEd 1989
Mr William Patterson      
Mr John D Pearcy Mining Engineering BSc 1962
Dr Barry Peart Physics BSc 1966
Mr Jonathan S Peel Physiological Sciences BSc 2003
Dr Joseph B Rawcliffe Dental Surgery BDS 1981
Professor Ivor J Richards      
Dr John D Rickinson MBBS MBBS 1950
Mr Stephen J Robinson Clinical Education PgC  
Mr Wyndham Rogers-Coltman   BSc 1978
Dr Julian G Rowbotham MBBS MBBS 1963
Mr Dieter Schmidt
DBA (with ESC Grenoble)
Mr John F Seymour Agriculture BSc 1968
Mr John I Sharp      
Dr Ian R Shenkin MBBS MBBS 1967
Mr Gary D Smillie Computing Science BSc 2008
Mrs Jean Southwell Social Studies BA Hons 1960
Mr David J Stephens Sociology & Social Policy BA Hons  
Ms Anne Stevenson Honorary Degree Hon Dlitt 2010
Mr Stephanus Sukamto Education & Applied Linguistics PhD  
Mr John S Thynne Architectural Studies BA Hons 1966
Miss G Tulip      
Mr John Turner JP Civil Engineering BSc 1961
Mr Andreas O Ugland
Occasional Student in Economics and Social Studies
Ms Christine Usher Master of Music MMus 2017
Mr John M Waggot SAPL PhD  
Dr Elizabeth Wales MBBS MBBS 1945
Mrs Jane A Westwater Heritage Education & Interpretation MA 2006
Dr Andrew W Wheater MBBS MBBS 1981
Miss Rebecca H Wilks Religious Studies BA Hons  
Mrs Kathryn Winther Arts BA Hons 1968
Mr Gregory Young Dental Surgery BDS 2015