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Join us in fondly remembering those members of our alumni community who have passed away.

Honouring the lives of your fellow alumni

We’re deeply saddened to announce the deaths of our Newcastle University alumni and supporters.

Below you'll find the obituaries of those we've lost in the last 12 months. We update this list monthly.

Deceased NU alumni


Course Title


Class of

Mr AA Fogarasy      
Dr Alan E Bottom Pure Science (Chemistry) MSc 1968
Mr Andrew T Shaw Mining Engineering BSc 1981
Mr Brian Charlton     1970
Mr Brian Henderson Electrical Engineering BSc 1968
Mrs Christine B Eyre PGCE PGCE 1982
Mrs Christine H Merrell MEd MEd 1995
Mr Christopher Rouse Mathematics BSc 2018
Mr Clive D Richards   MSc 1978
Mr David G Buffin Agricultural Zoology BSc 1983
Professor David G Robinson Town and Country Planning BA (Hons) 1955
Mr David L Pritchard   MA 1971
Mrs Deborah M Reynolds Geography BSc 1972
Dr Derek Packham      
Mr Desmond J McHugh Economics BA (Hons) 1974
Mrs Doris R Burwood Education BPhil 1987
Mr Douglas Mennear Town and Country Planning BA (Hons) 1959
Dr Elise M Vandervelde MBBS MBBS 1961
Miss Elizabeth Barraclough Computing MSc 1965
Dr Elizabeth Grisenthwaite MBBS MBBS 1958
Miss Ella J Dawson Fine Art BA  2019
Dr George D Hurrell MBBS MBBS 1955
Dr George Philliskirk Bacteriology & Biochemistry  BSc 1971
Dr George R Cottrell MBBS MBBS 1945
Dr Gordon Pledger   MD 1964
Mr Graham W Watson   BSc 1977
Dr Heather M Bond Biochemistry BSc 1981
Mr Hugh G Brown MBBS MBBS 1947
Mrs Janet P Goddard     1988
Miss Janet Morrison   LLB 1977
Ms Jean M Harris Econimic and Social Studies BA (Hons) 1968
Dr Jessel Josephs MBBS MBBS 1947
Dr Jim Smith      
Dr Joan Elliott MBBS MBBS 1960
Joan Patricia Crichton Applied Science BSc 1944
Mr John A Dalton Technology in the Marine Environment MRes 2000
Mr John B Mayne Civil Engineering BSc 1969
Emeritus Professor John F Sawyer      
Mr John Harbottle Education MEd 2001
Mr John P Wilkinson Arts BA Hons 1970
Dr John W Bull      
Miss Kara T Russell Clinical Psychology PhD 2004
Kevin Monaghan      
Sir Laurence W Martin   Hon DCL 1991
Dr Margaret Browne Clinical Biochemistry MSc 1977
Miss Margaret E Murray Education Dip Ed 1979
Miss Margaret Nelson      
Dr Margaret S Emerson MBBS MBBS 1958
Mrs Marina S Joseph   BSc 1976
Miss Marjorie H Stewart Education MEd 1988
Mr Martin C Wright Mechanical Engineering BSc 1982
Mrs Mary E Murray-Parkins Education MEd 1985
Ms Mary G Cawthorn Architecture BA Hons  
Mr Michael Lacy Education MEd 1983
Emeritus Professor Michael Rawlins   Hon DCL 2008
Dr Nigel R Adams BDS BDS 1969
Mr Paul A Kentish Computing Science MSc 1971
Mr Paul J Sartin Music MA 2005
Emeritus Professor Peter Arnold      
Professor Philip Bradbeer   BSc 1955
Mr Philip M Lobb Economics and Accounting BA (Hons) 1980
Dr Philip S Ansell Statistics PhD 1999
The Revd Randolph Vickers Applied Theology MA 1993
Mrs Rebecca Robertson   MA 1979
Professor Richard J Parish French BA (Hons) 1970
Mr Richard L Gillam   BSc 1976
Mr Roger C Rowell Civil Engineering BSc 1970
Mr Ronald Kerr      
Mr RR Dukes      
Mr Shiraz Shivji Economic Studies BA (Hons) 1972
Professor Stanley Openshaw Geography BA (Hons) 1968
Dr Stanley Pumford MBBS MBBS 1964
Mr Stuart Irvine Town Planning BA (Hons) 1997
Professor Stuart G Parker   MD  
Dr Susan M Tilley Music MLit 2009
Mr Thomas Britten Geography BSc 1983
Mr Thomas F Brass   LLB 1970
Mr Thomas Rillands Business Administration MBA 1990
The Rt Hon The Viscount Walter G Runciman   Hon DCL 2012
Dr William G Donald MBBS MBBS 1958
Dr William G Roberts English Literature PhD 1994