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NCL Professional Network: The changing nature of work and the future workforce

Join us at the first NCL Professional Network event of 2019 hosted by Newcastle University Business School

Date/Time: Wednesday 30 January, 18:30 - 20:30

Venue: Newcastle University London Campus, 102 Middlesex Street London, E1 7EZ

Industry experts will share their views on how we, as workers, will have to adapt to technological advances, what this means for the way we work now and discover the impact this may have on our customers and how this will affect careers in the future.

Main topics of discussion:

  • Technological advances and the impact they will have on the way we work – for the good and bad  
  • The wellbeing agenda and the importance of this in the modern age
  • How do we work with the unknown?
  • What will a typical career look like in the future?


  • Frederick Hickman, eCommerce & CX Manager at Expedia Group
  • Deborah Hardoon, Head of Evidence at What Works Well Centre for Wellbeing
  • Antony Jones, Chief Executive Officer at Motivait 
  • Monica Smith, Head of Learning, Coaching and Development at Hymans Robertson

The panel will be followed with networking providing an opportunity to discuss the topics raised further with alumni and current students, and there will be refreshments provided.