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With a range of societies around the world, you are never far away from fellow graduates.

With a range of affiliates located all across the world, you're never far away from Newcastle.

Alumni societies and affiliates 
With a range of societies around the world, you are never far away from fellow graduates. 

Alumni societies are a great way to stay connected with like-minded individuals. From region-specific societies, to those focused on a particular degree, industry, sport or special interest, Newcastle University is a dedicated to helping alumni establish their network groups. And since no two societies are the same at Newcastle, there is truly something for everyone. 

Join an existing society 

Newcastle University is proud to have the following alumni societies supporting our extensive community. You can find out more information on each society below. 

For more information on branches which are specific to Newcastle University Business School please click here.

Nothing piquing your interest? See below about establishing your own alumni society.  

Establishing an alumni society 

Being a member of an alumni society can be a great way to stay connected with classmates, friends and likeminded individuals. Societies enable you to: 

  • Develop supportive social and professional networks
  • Create activity that is relevant to your community
  • Inspire future cohorts of Newcastle University students
  • Act as an advocate for your network and provide advice/feedback to Newcastle University 

We are aware that each society will have different ambitions and goals and welcome societies which are both formal and informal. We typically ask that there is one individual who is happy to take on a leadership role and start connecting with likeminded alumni. For more formal groups, we suggest starting with a group of three alumni who take on specific positions such as Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Still interested? Contact for more details.