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Mind Moves Matter: Beyond hashtags into change

Mind Moves Matter: Beyond hashtags into change

Saturday 9 October 2021, 14:00 - 15:15 BST

Join us for this year's Convocation lecture with Reverend Professor Keith McGee, Visiting Professor of Social Justice at Newcastle University.

Newcastle University has long inspired academic excellence, innovation and creativity to benefit as a whole. Though the university itself does not have an official motto, etched into the student union building in Latin is mens agitat molem (mind moves matter).  This legacy of 'mind moves matter' will be explored through the prism of the value of our shared experiences, beyond hashtags to shape brighter futures and champion social justice, to bring about meaningful change.

About Reverend Professor Keith McGee  

Revd Professor Keith Magee, ThD, FRSA, trained as an economist and theologian, is a public intellectual with a focus on social justice. He is currently Chair and Professor of Practice in Social Justice at Newcastle University and Senior Fellow in Culture and Justice at University College London. His eclectic studies have taken him through the prestigious halls of Ohio University, University of Pennsylvania, Grace International College, and Harvard Divinity School being conferred the doctorate of theology in public theology.

One of his greatest accomplishments was serving for five years as the founding director of the National Public Housing Museum in Chicago, IL, which is committed to being a living cultural experience on social justice and human rights, illuminating the power of place. As a dyslexic, one of his most significant accomplishments is being a co-creator of the Multicultural Initiative at Yale University Center for Dyslexia and Creativity. His public service includes: Commissioner, Mayor of London’s Commission on Diversity in the Public Realm; Trustee, Facing History and Ourselves; Director and Endowment Chair, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, amongst others. His body work has awarded him with distinctions and support of the MacArthur, Ford and Seedlings foundations. He is the author of the newly released Prophetic Justice on Race, Religion and Politics, Dolman Scott, January 2021.

Professor Magee and his six-year old son, Zayden, live primarily in London, United Kingdom.