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Who is Europe? Film screening and discussion

Who is Europe? Film screening and discussion

Saturday 9 October 2021, 11:00 - 12:00 (BST)

Who is Europe? (2019/40 mins) is a split-screen documentary in four acts. The film journeys to  Dresden, to Tompa on the Hungarian-Serbian border, and to Melilla, a Spanish exclave in Africa, to raise critical questions for our times: Who is Europe? Who belongs? Whither Europe?  After venturing to these edges, undersides and fault lines in Europe, the film ends on a ruminative note with the sound of bells ringing across Europe on ‘International Peace Day’.  

This special screening for Newcastle University's Alumni Day of Action in support of social justice will be followed by a discussion about the film and the issues of borders, refugees and racism, focusing in particular on the migrant crisis in Melilla. Melilla and Cueta, also a Spanish exclave in Morroco, are the EU’s only land border with Africa. Panelist will include: the filmmaker Ian McDonald; Abdu Main, an activist and refugee in Melilla who appears in the film; Antonio Riuz, a street photographer and resident of Melilla; and Prof Chris Whitehead from Newcastle University, who commissioned Who Is Europe? as part of CoHERE, a Europe-wide research project on heritage making in Europe. 

Who is Europe? has screened at numerous film festivals and academic conferences across the world. It was the Audience Award Winner at the Refugees Film Festival in Berlin and was Shortlisted for the AHRC Research Film of the Year.