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Newcastle Develop: Level up your LinkedIn

Newcastle Develop: Level up your LinkedIn

Tuesday 17 May 2022, 17:45 - 19:45 (BST)
Everyman Cinema, Broadgate, London

Get ready to level up your LinkedIn at our upcoming workshop in London.

With 740 million members, LinkedIn is a platform that you have probably heard of and use, but not utilising to its full potential. So how exactly do you become the star of your own show, unlock those hidden features and thrive in your career progression?

Join professional LinkedIn Coach Sarah Burgess as she shares her insight and advice on how to utilise LinkedIn to achieve your career goals. During the interactive sessions Sarah will cover:

  • How you can build an impactful profile
  • How to build an online network that supports you
  • What are LinkedIn Jobs and do recruiters really use LinkedIn
    (HINT: 87% of recruiters regularly use the platform!)

The interactive session will provide you with the skills and insight to confidently use LinkedIn. If you are feeling brave, you can even have your LinkedIn profile assessed by Sarah live during the event!

There will be an opportunity to join us for a short networking session after the workshop too. Light refreshments (get your popcorn at the ready!) will be provided during the event, but we do recommend grabbing a bite to eat if you’re feeling peckish before the event.