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Newcastle Develop: Neurodivergence, Inclusion and the Workplace

Newcastle Develop: Neurodivergence, Inclusion and the Workplace

Wednesday 29 September 2021, 18:30 - 19:30 (BST)

Newcastle Develop is a professional development event programme aimed at exploring sector-crossing issues faced by our alumni in their careers.

Employers, businesses, and sectors have become increasingly aware that there is a need to be more flexible in their approach to work for their employees. While some of this has arisen due to the pandemic, an equally important role has been played by an enhanced awareness of employees and individuals whose work needs are specialised, and especially for individuals who are neurodivergent.

Historically, neurodivergent people have been grouped under the ‘disability’ tag, and while this may once have been useful it is increasingly seen as no longer the case. This event will bring 3 alumni panellists together to discuss their lived experiences in the workplace and their careers, discussing inclusion and exclusion, what (if any) changes need to be made to workplaces to better support neurodivergent individuals, and the use of the term ‘disabilities’, if it’s still acceptable to use, and what impact it has (and may continue to have) on employees and employers.


September's event will focus on neurodivergence and inclusion in the workplace, and will be part of our 2021 Alumni Day of Action event programme.

Meet the panellists