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Newcastle Develop: Workplace Culture and Inclusivity

Newcastle Develop: Workplace Culture and Inclusivity

Wednesday 26 January 2022, 18:30 - 19:30 (GMT)

Newcastle Develop is a professional development event programme aimed at exploring sector-crossing issues faced by our alumni in their careers.

We spend almost a third of our waking hours in our workplace. The culture and environs of the offices, businesses and organisation we work in can have a huge impact on our career development, as well as our mental health.

Despite this, the culture of a workplace is often little considered (or not considered at all) when thinking about progressing your career. A good workplace culture can have a hugely positive impact beyond typical benefits such as salary and holidays, and the reverse is true for an organisation with poor workplace culture.

So how do you recognise good workplace culture vs bad? How do you balance it against the more tangible things such as salary? And how can you potentially make changes to your own workplace culture to improve it?

Our chair and panellists are here to share their personal experiences and insights from their careers and sectors, and provide some insight on  recognising both good and bad workplace culture. They’ll also discuss how to understand what’s important for you from your own workplace, and any limitations or restrictions in particular industries, as well answer any questions as they arise over the course of the hour.