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Stand by your Fan performance

Join us on campus for a free performance of 'Stand by Your Fan', a new play about menopause.

Written by JoJo Kirtley and Karen Ross. Directed by Tracy Gillman.

Most women who have yet to experience the menopause know little about what to expect, how they might be affected in both mind and body, how friends, family, co-workers and medical practitioners might support them, or not.

It is still whispered with embarrassment by women who are sweatily going through it. It still prompts disdainful comments from co-workers joking about ‘the change’. Women’s descriptions of their symptoms are still dismissed by GPs who ignore their lived experience and prescribe anti-depressants.

Stand By Your Fan tackles these issues in a provocative but humorous way and draws on the testimonies of women from Newcastle and Makerere who participated in a series of workshops about the menopause in all its colours and hues.

It aims to raise awareness about the menopause journey and the many different ways in which women experience it, demonstrating that small changes in workplace culture can make a big difference not just to the lives of women but to everyone.

Please join us for this one-off performance of Stand By Your Fan, followed by a Q&A and refreshments.