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START UP Workshops

January - May 2023
Newcastle University campus

This programme of events includes skills development workshops to help you start or grow a business or self-employed career.

For the first three years after your graduation, you have access to our award-winning careers service. If you're interested in launching your own business, join us on campus for free START UP workshops between January - May 2023.


This is a short session to let you know about the opportunities available to you if you want to start or grow a business or independent career as a sole trader, business founder, social entrepreneur, or freelancer.

START UP Idea Generation

Learn what makes a good business idea and how to come up with one in this interactive workshop for innovation, creativity and enterprise. This session includes an introduction to Design Thinking and ideation techniques.

START UP Portfolio Careers

Explore what it means to split your time, skills and income between self-employment and employment e.g., running a small business alongside a job or working on several freelance roles at the same time. This is a practical, reflective workshop that includes an anonymous Careers Anchor Questionnaire to help you assess what drives you professionally and if this career type is right for you.

START UP Essentials

Learn to test a business opportunity to find out if it’s worth pursuing or if you'll need to adapt to reduce your risk of failure. This session covers all the essential concepts for founding and developing a business as a company creator or sole trader and is compulsory if you want to attend one-to-one coaching with a Start-up Adviser to progress a pre-start or early-stage business opportunity.

START UP Pitching

Learn to present your business idea with clarity and confidence in this friendly, relaxed environment with like-minded people. You’ll have up to five minutes to pitch and then receive feedback and questions from a panel of your peers. If you're an observer, you’ll listen to participants as they present their idea, then provide feedback and questions as a panel member.


Useful recordings

We also have recorded content for you to watch in your own time that covers everything from 'What to do when you have no ideas' and 'How to start a meaningful business' to 'Understanding taxes', 'Choosing a legal structure' and much more.