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Alumni Exclusives

Alumni Exclusives

Career Development

Far beyond your graduation – and wherever you are in the world – Newcastle University remains committed to helping you unlock even more potential.

When it comes to developing your career, Newcastle University provides a range of opportunities for you to:

  • network and build business contacts
  • receive expert advice from notable industry leaders
  • hear from internationally renowned speakers
  • attend a variety of professional workshops

Recent graduates

Newcastle University Careers Service provides free careers support for up to three years after your graduation.

Whether you are seeking a graduate career, going on to further study or starting your own business, the team offers a range of support to help you realise your potential.

To access this support, register now and receive details of their latest news and events.

If you've left the North East and/or can't visit the Careers Service in person, they can help you via email, phone or Skype. Contact the team for more information.

Newcastle University Careers Service provides free services for up to three years after graduation.

Tuition Fee Discount

Newcastle graduates are entitled to a 20% reduction in tuition fees for further study.

Newcastle University offers a 20% reduction in undergraduate and postgraduate tuition fees for all alumni who are wholly or partially self-financing.

Further information and eligibility criteria can be found on the postgraduate webpages and undergraduate webpages.

Newcastle graduates are entitled to a 20 percent reduction in postgraduate fees.

On Campus

The support that you receive from the University doesn't end when you graduate.

You can continue to make the most of many of the resources and services that were available to you as a student.

This includes access to many of our city campus services.

City campus services

You get a discounted membership of Newcastle University Centre for Physical Recreation and Sport.

You have access to Newcastle University Library. Graduates of Newcastle University and King's College Durham may join the library for an annual fee of £20. This includes borrowing facilities in all three libraries, access to Special Collections and use of selected databases.

And you get access to the Students' Union. For further information on opening hours visit

Graduates have access to Newcastle University Library.

Parchment Requests

Newcastle graduates can request official and replacement verification documents.

You can request a range of verification documents from the University, including:

• transcripts
• statement of qualifications
• Higher Education Achievements Reports
• proof of degrees and replacement certificates
• character reference requests

To request any of the listed documents, please contact Student Progress.



Convocation is a statutory body of the University. It provides an opportunity for alumni to discuss issues of policy and common matters of interest.

Every graduate of the University is, by right, a member of Convocation and entitled to attend meetings. These are normally held annually in June.

At the annual meeting of Convocation, the Vice-Chancellor and other members of Executive Board report and answer questions on recent developments and successes, current issues and future challenges facing the University.

Alumni activity 

Convocation provides alumni with an opportunity to discuss any proposed changes to University statutes.

Alumni are also able to raise matters of concern and, if they gain the support of those attending, have those matters raised with Senate, Council or Court, as appropriate.

It allows every graduate the chance to hear first-hand about the successes and the challenges being faced by the University and the ways in which they are being tackled.

This means that graduates have a voice in the way the policies of the University are formulated.

The formal powers of Convocation are limited to the appointment of the Chancellor of the University on the nomination of Court and Senate sitting in joint session. Under the statutes, however, it may discuss and make representations on any matter relating to the University.

Membership of Convocation

To become a member of Convocation, you have to be an alumni. All alumni are members. 

To be an alumni you have to hold a degree or other award from one of the following:

  • Newcastle University
  • the Newcastle Division of the University of Durham (before 1963)
  • University of Durham if, during your courses, you were a matriculated student at Sunderland Technical College

Or, you might have completed one term at Newcastle University or the Newcastle Division of the University of Durham (before 1963), but did not take an award.

You also could be:

  • a member (or retired member) of academic and academic-related staff of the University
  • a holder of an Honorary Degree or Honorary Fellowship of the University
  • a Life Member of the Union Society
  • another type of co-opted individual

Electing a Chair

The Chair of Convocation is a member of the Court of the University. They provide a further formal channel of communication between alumni and the University.

The Statutes state that:

43. The convocation, from its own members, shall elect a chair and may elect a deputy chair, under procedures as the court may from time to time decide, who shall respectively hold office for five years. Any retiring chair or deputy chair shall be eligible for re-election. Neither the chair nor the deputy chair shall be a member of the salaried staff of the University.

Newcastle University Alumni Achievement Awards

The Newcastle University Alumni Achievement Awards are presented to former students as an acknowledgement from the University of their achievements and successes.

The Alumni Achievement Awards acknowledge the exceptional work of former students who have made an impact on industry, society and their community both in the UK and internationally.

The award is open to all graduates of Newcastle University, Newcastle University International Singapore, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia and Newcastle University London.

Nominations can be made by fellow alumni, or current staff at Newcastle University. Self-nominations and nominations from relatives will not be accepted. 

The award is presented annually at the Newcastle University Pride Awards. 

2018 winners

Alumni Achievement Award in recognition of lifelong achievement - Sir Alan Craft Kt

Alumni Achievement Award in recognition of international impact - Mr Michael Alderson

2018 shortlist

Read the full Alumni Achievement Awards 2018 shortlist.

The winners and shortlisted alumni were selected by the Pride of Newcastle University panel.