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Newcastle University telethon appeals help raise awareness and funds to support key priorities university-wide.

Newcastle Telethon Appeals

Our most recent 2019 autumn telethon appeal saw over 250 members of the Newcastle University alumni community pledge gifts of over £100,000. A truly inspirational figure and we thank them for their generosity.

Our telethon appeals play a crucial role in helping the university to not only raise awareness of our fundraising priorities for the academic year ahead but vital funds that can make such an impact to the students and researchers that donations benefit.

As well as finding out about your time spent studying and living here in Newcastle our team of dedicated student callers love hearing about your time at Newcastle and your achievements since you graduated, whether it was recently or more years ago than you'd care to admit. During the telethon our callers callers inform those we speak to what has been going on at Newcastle more recently, and raise awareness of the important funds that will help Newcastle University continue to build on its reputation of world-class teaching and research. Whatever you valued most about your time at Newcastle, you can be confident we still value it today.

To join your fellow Newcastle University in supporting your institution today simply click on the the button below. 

Alumni Fund calling

What Your Donations Can Support

This year there were many key areas that we have been focussing on raising funds to support, please read an overview below. From supporting students to accelerating our world-class research, gifts from our alumni and friends enable us to do so much more. 

Opportunity Scholarships - Your gift will help us ensure that students realise opportunities they might otherwise not have had, and help bring their academic and career aspirations within closer reach. This programme is means tested and specifically supports students from low income households during their time at Newcastle.

Law Alumni Scholarships - Your gift will help us to ensure that we are able to give able, highly motivated and enthusiastic students, from all ages and backgrounds, the opportunity to study at Newcastle University Law School. 

Research and Expedition Scholarships - Your gift will help us achieve our aim to give highly motivated students the opportunity to develop their skills, broaden their horizons and reach their highest potential at Newcastle University by involving them in world-class research projects over the summer months. 

Sanctuary Scholarships - Your gift will support refugees and asylum seekers, based in the North East, wishing to study at Newcastle University. Giving them the chance to make the most of their lives in the UK.

The One Planet Fund - Donations to The One Planet Fund will support the University’s mission to tackle climate change and help us design the sustainable responses needed to address intensifying global change and its effects. It will be used to create and establish scholarships.

Childhood Cancer Research - Childhood cancer donations will support our research in advancing our understanding of childhood cancers. Findings lead specifically to improved treatments for patients meaning higher chances of survival and higher quality of life for those affected.

To join the hundreds of generous Newcastle University alumni in supporting our students and world-class research simply click on the buttons on this page. 

Student Callers 2019

Our telethon appeals would not be possible without our hardworking student callers. This years student call team was made up of the following students who enjoyed talking to Newcastle University alumni like you.

  • Afsara (Psychology BSc Hons)
  • Anna (History and Politics BA Hons)
  • Anna (Civil Engineering BEng)
  • Callum (Psychology BSc Hons)
  • Darcey (International Politics MA)
  • Emily (Philosophy BA Hons)
  • Emily (Law LLB)
  • Georgia (History BA Hons)
  • Hannan (MB BS)
  • Harry (Biology BSc Hons)
  • Hritik (Biology BSc Hons)
  • Isabelle (Fine Art BA Hons)
  • Jemima (History and Politics BA Hons)
  • Matt (Marine Science MPhil)
  • Maud (Urban Planning and Architecture BA Hons)
  • Miriam (Modern Languages BA Hons)
  • Nazrin (Politics and Sociology BA Hons)
  • Oscar (Sociology & Social Research MA)
  • Pauline (International Marketing MSc)
  • Shannon (Law BA Hons)
  • Shoni (Combined Honours BA Hons)
  • Sydney (Chemical Engineering BEng)
  • Wei (Translating and Interpreting MA)
  • Zara (Ancient History BA Hons)
  • Zoe (Biomedical Science BSc Hons)