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Eliminating Mitochondrial Disease

Protecting Future Generations from Mitochondrial Diseases

Our academics are leading the world in work to protect future generations from the risk of mitochondrial disease.

Few people have heard the term mitochondrial disease, but at least 13,000 adults and children face this daunting diagnosis. The catalogue of severe symptoms includes blindness, heart and liver failure and learning disabilities.

These genetic disorders are often passed in families. They are caused when there’s a fault with mitochondria – often referred to as the powerhouses of the cells.

There is currently no cure for mitochondrial disease.

Your help makes a difference

Our scientists are developing new techniques to eliminate certain mitochondrial diseases from the family line and new treatments to help all patients with mitochondrial disease. We work very closely with patients to ensure that we provide the very best care.

Support for university research can help us to bring our technologies to the clinic sooner. Our work to provide better care for patients currently coping with mitochondrial diseases is vital.

Thank you for your support. Your generosity will make an important difference to our work.

Mitochondrial Research