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Supporting Students at Newcastle

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We want every current and prospective student to have an exceptional experience at Newcastle University.

We aim to provide a rounded experience for students. This is through their studies and also in extra-curricular opportunities for travel, sport, volunteering and working with the local community.

As a university with a global reputation, we work hard to make sure our students receive a great experience. The high-quality student experience at Newcastle University is reflected in our rankings. The most recent National Student Survey showed 86% of students are satisfied with their experience at Newcastle University. A score above the national average. in part thanks to the generous donations received from our alumni and supporters.

Your support

Gifts made to support students at Newcastle help provide life-changing opportunities to the world’s brightest minds, regardless of their personal situation. We believe talent, not circumstance, is what matters and the generous donations from our alumni and supporters allow our talented students to make the most of every opportunity open to them during their time spent studying at Newcastle. 

Alumni and supporter donations help improve the student experience in a number of different ways. From providing essential financial support at times of hardship to empowering students running their own businesses and projects. Below is just a handful of examples of the different ways that alumni and supporter donations can benefit current Newcastle students.