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Benefactors' Testimonial

Ashley and Jack

The Founderships initiative helped Ashley and Jack move their business forward.

Our business idea

We worked with Rise Up who suggested we look into the Founderships initiative. We had a business idea that we wanted to take to the next level and saw the support of the University as an excellent way to do this.

We are also keen for our business to have a better impact on society and working with Newcastle University was a natural fit.

Our business aims to innovate the elderly care sector. We want our customers to have an input into the products that we develop and offer so that they have the best possible impact on the lives of some of the most vulnerable in society.

Foundership initiative support

Foundership support has helped us hugely. We have benefited from financial aid both with our upkeep as well as business development.

The support has allowed us to try and test a number of different methods across a number of business areas to work out which best fits our company and growth ambitions.

The mentoring support offered has also been invaluable. We have made contacts and met individuals who have offered help because of their relationship with the University. 

We have made some brilliant connections, especially those within the Institute of Ageing and Vitality, which will allow our products to be guided by world-class research.

Next steps

Without the support of Rise Up and Newcastle University as a whole we would not be in the position we are today. Having a committed programme that supports entrepreneurial learning has been a huge help to us.  

We want to be at the forefront of the elderly care technology revolution. We would also like to use our experience and expertise to encourage other entrepreneurs to join us and create a hub of elderly technology excellence here in the North-East.

Ashley Stokeld (MSc Renewable Energy, Enterprise and Management 2013)

Jack Brinn (MSc Renewable Energy, Enterprise and Management 2014)

Ashley Stokeld and Jack Brinn