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Ben (MB BS 2017)

Ben is a fifth year medical student at Newcastle University. His intercalation year was made possible by a Barbour Foundation scholarship.

Intercalation is a year of extra study offered to medical students after their fourth year. It allows students to pursue an area of research interest. It also helps them to develop a new perspective on healthcare delivery, research and education.

“I am currently studying for an MRes in Cardiovascular Science. I have an interest in clinical research and cardiovascular medicine, and the MRes has allowed me to study this for an extended period of time.

Newcastle University has an excellent track record for clinical research output and impact, particularly cardiovascular research, which made my decision to study for this MRes easy.

Along with my research project, the course also offers a choice of other modules. These modules were useful for developing knowledge, along with basic skills such as literature review, presentation and academic writing.

Without the Barbour Scholarship, I would not have been able to study for this intercalated degree. Receiving the funding gave me a chance to contribute to the growing body of clinical cardiovascular research coming out of Newcastle.

After completing this year of study, I will return to finish the final year of my medical degree. After graduation, I hope to combine a clinical career with academia, and continue to focus on cardiovascular research.”

Ben giving a presentation