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Women's Giving Circle

Women's Giving Circle

Help us empower more women to succeed.

Help gifted women overcome financial barriers to studying at Newcastle.

No one should have to give up on their dreams of university study because of the financial cost. That’s why we created the Women’s Giving Circle. With your help, we can give more women from underrepresented backgrounds the opportunity to achieve a degree. 

The Circle helps talented, hardworking female students – mainly on STEM courses – to cover their living expenses via scholarships. By reducing the financial pressure, you can help these women access university, succeed academically and pursue their ideal careers.

Support those most in need

Women are underrepresented in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). To help redress the balance, we aim to award scholarships to students looking to study and work in these areas.

We select students from our Career Insights programme to become Giving Circle scholars. Careers Insights aims to improve the employability of undergraduates from underrepresented groups. In this way, we can make sure your money goes towards supporting those most in need. 

Your generous donations will also help the students further develop the skills they learn as Career Insights participants.

Ways you can support the Giving Circle

Scholarship donations

If you’d like to support the Women’s Giving Circle, we suggest a minimum annual gift of £1,000. This amount will help a female student meet 10% of her living costs over a year. 

Connect, advise and mentor

As a Women’s Circle supporter, you’ll also be part of our members’ network. We run two annual events for members. These will give you the opportunity to network, as well as meet the students you’re supporting. One event will take place in London and the other in Newcastle.

It’s vital to give our scholars strong networks and professional contacts to help them pursue their chosen careers after university. Our events facilitate this, giving you the opportunity to help young women with introductions, advice or even mentoring.

As a member of the Women’s Circle you’ll also receive:

  • Regular updates on the student you’re supporting

  • An invitation to the annual scholarship reception, held on campus

Women’s Giving Circle Impact

The Women’s Giving Circle has raised over £80,000 this year to support bright young students. These funds have come as gifts from female alumni and friends, in a circle of women helping other women.

The circle has empowered people from diverse backgrounds to graduate, raise their career prospects and fulfil their aspirations.