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Develop your skills, make connections and feel good about your positive impact.

Seize new opportunities to learn while helping others

Develop personally and professionally while making a difference to others. Volunteering is a win-win situation for you and your University.

When you volunteer with us, you'll be supporting our current students, your fellow alumni and your university as a whole. Wherever you are in your career, you can inspire, advise and provide amazing experiences for our students, academics and researchers.

Volunteering can help you:

  • gain new skills and experiences
  • broaden your professional (and personal) network
  • tap into a global alumni community that could help develop your career

Whether you have an hour a week to spare or just one day a year, we may have an opportunity to fit your schedule.

Volunteering activities

Enriching the student experience

Your experience and expertise can help ensure that students gain the life-changing experience which makes studying at Newcastle so special.

If you want to make sure students have the best experience possible, this type of volunteering is for you. There are many ways you can support, including guest lectures and providing workplace visits.

Have you started your own business? If you understand what it takes to create a business, judging an entrepreneurial competition might be the perfect fit.

If you lead a team in an ever-evolving sector you might be suited to providing insights in a masterclass.

Enhancing our graduate employability

You can help our students and alumni be better prepared for their next career step and become more employable.

If you work in a particularly competitive sector, you might be suited to mentoring a student or graduate. This involves giving them advice and the confidence to take action. Mentoring takes place both online via NCLspark and through face-to-face mentoring.

Do you have insight into the challenges and latest thinking in your sector? You could be suited to writing an article or recording a video post sharing the latest industry news.

You could provide an internship, or practice interviews within our Get Ready To… Graduate programmes. These are just some of the avenues for this type of volunteering.

Building your University’s reputation

We need your help to ensure everyone knows how successful Newcastle is for study, research and providing a positive impact.

You could write case studies to communicate how your University helped you. You might help with student recruitment or even become an alumni ambassador. There are many ways you can help us shout about the value of Newcastle University. 

Looking to build your public speaking skills? Becoming a University ambassador at recruitment fairs could suit you. Here you can share your experience of studying at Newcastle with prospective students from all backgrounds.

Supporting your global alumni community

Alumni can help each other out in so many ways. Examples are:

  • helping to run alumni societies
  • contributing content on everything from lifestyle to skills development
  • running social events in your local area for other alumni

Have you changed careers? Mentoring alumni looking to do the same could be right up your street.

If you work in the lifestyle finance industry, presenting a digital Q&A on mortgages or pensions might suit you perfectly.

These are just some of the ways you could help out other alumni in your global community.