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Volunteer Roll of Honour

Volunteer Roll of Honour

Huge thanks to our amazing volunteers for helping us enhance the Newcastle University experience.

You truly make a difference

We'd like to say a huge thank you to our dedicated alumni volunteers. Your gift of time and skills makes a huge difference to current students, future generations and your fellow alumni. Your efforts help ensure that all these groups receive the best possible experience of Newcastle University.

Over the last year our alumni volunteers gave up more than two months’ worth of their time – that's 61 days’ worth of hours. They provided support and guidance through a range of projects.

The PARTNERS Programme

Thank you to our alumni volunteers who took part in the PARTNERS summer school. You inspired future students from disadvantaged backgrounds during a two week ‘mini university experience’.

As volunteers you provided vital motivation, shared your experiences and introduced promising young people to aspects of Higher Education.

All of this helped prepare budding students for University life.

Get Ready To… Graduate!

Thank you to our alumni who gave their time to share their experiences of work with our final-year students. You helped them prepare for their first steps into professional life.

Alumni volunteers gave insight and motivation through:

  • practice interview sessions
  • talks about professions and industries
  • an online mentoring group, where students could ask questions about future careers

MINT day for Girls in Stem

(Motivating. Inspiring. Nurturing Talent.)

Thank you to our inspirational alumni who came to campus in early March 2020 for this one-day event.

The Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering led the MINT day. Its aim was to motivate year 9 girls to consider STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) for their GCSEs. It gave them an overview of the world of STEM ahead of selecting their GCSE options.

Our alumni gave their time to chat with these future students about their careers and experiences in the field. They provided plenty of inspiration to the next generation of female scientists and engineers.

Alumni mentoring

Thank you to our dedicated alumni who have been helping fellow alumni and students as mentors. You've provided essential support and guidance, as well as answering important questions.

Alumni reunions

Many committed alumni have organised reunions. These have often been to celebrate a specific milestone or bring together people with a shared interest or region. (For example, a recent reunion took place for alumni from India).

These volunteers put on memorable celebrations of their groups’ time at Newcastle University.

Alumni societies and advisory boards 

Thank you to our alumni who lead and run our alumni societies across the globe. 

As volunteers you create opportunities for alumni to stay connected and embrace a shared passion. From region-specific and course-related societies to sports and special-interest, you make these alumni networks possible. Your efforts pave the way for both offline and digital societies.  

Thank you also to our alumni who are advisory board members at Newcastle University. You help shape the future of the University by offering your expertise and knowledge on a voluntary basis.

International Student Recruitment and Advocates 

Many thanks to our alumni around the globe who dedicate their time to support future generations of international students.

Your work includes connecting with prospective students and sharing news of new initiatives. You also provide valuable insight into opportunities in your region.

In doing so, you help

  • inspire future generations of students
  • support your University to create meaningful opportunities for our worldwide community