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Every year NU Advancement organises multiple alumni events around the world, spanning career development workshops, networking opportunities, reunions and social gatherings. Anna Warren, Alumni and Events Officer, reports back on another busy and exciting year and tells Arches readers how the team can help them organise their own reunion.

When it comes to developing your career after graduation, NU Advancement provides Newcastle University graduates with unique opportunities to network, receive expert advice from notable industry leaders, hear from internationally renowned speakers and attend a variety of professional workshops. Far beyond your graduation, we remain committed to helping you unlock even more potential.

Earlier this year, we hosted a special event on campus designed to help our graduates develop their online presence in a digital world. We also supported Newcastle University Business School events in Beijing and Shanghai to support our graduates in developing their own careers in an increasingly competitive marketplace, and we’re already working on a number of exciting new events for our graduates in the coming year.

We have also supported and arranged alumni events in New York and Hong Kong, a special reception in Singapore, and a networking dinner in Saudi Arabia. Earlier this year, we hosted our first event at the University’s new London campus with our annual law alumni reception.

Reunions aren’t limited to class or degree either – just this year we helped with a cross-country athletics reunion race and a fiftieth anniversary reunion for the University’s 1965 rugby team. We were also delighted to welcome the 1965 Expedition to Afghanistan group back to campus.

Organise your own reunion

If you are interested in organising your own reunion, NU Advancement is here to help. Whether you are celebrating a special milestone or simply wondering what your friends from your University days are doing now, there’s never been a better excuse to get together. From contacting lost friends to arranging accommodation and venues, we can help! And of course, whether you’re attending a private reunion or a networking event, you can always rely on our warm hospitality as well as getting your hands on one of our popular ‘Gan Canny’ tote bags!

The best way to ensure you hear about our upcoming events is to keep your details with us up to date. You can do this online or by contacting the office. We can then let you know about events you may be interested in attending.

Anna Warren, Alumni and Events Officer, has worked in the NU Advancement team for just over a year helping Newcastle University’s alumni network to reconnect through reunions, and various other exciting events. If you would like to organise a reunion, Anna would love to help!


published on: 17 August 2015