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From Maryland to Monument

Every September, thousands of students from around the world arrive on Tyneside to begin their new academic year. Among them this year are two American scholars who are spending a semester studying and living in Newcastle, thanks to a scholarship they were both awarded.

Andrea Castillo and Julia Carey, both aged 20, are attending Newcastle University for a three-month term. Both students, who are from Loyola University Maryland, are excited to be here and are making the most of their time in the UK. Their scholarships cover living expenses which allows them to focus on their studies and use any spare time for their own explorations and learning.

Andrea, a biology and chemistry student, is currently studying in the School of Biomedical Sciences. 'Taking a science course at such a renowned research institution is an incredible opportunity,' she said. 'Over the summer I was a research assistant and observership student, so I was able to shadow doctors and explore my interest in trauma and critical care surgery.'

Julia, from New Jersey, is an accounting student undertaking Combined Honours modules at the University. 'Newcastle provides students with more academic freedom and encourages students to take more direct charge of their academic experience,' she said. 'After graduation, I intend to earn my CPA (Certified Public Accountant) license and practice public accounting, specifically in the audit field.'

Andrea Castillo

US Scholar Andrea CastilloHow are you finding life in Newcastle?
A I felt at home within days of arriving here. The people are incredibly nice, the city itself is welcoming and I’m constantly amazed by the beauty of North East England.

Q If you could take one thing back home from Newcastle, what would it be?
A I would definitely take home the friends I have made here! I never thought I’d able to say I have friends from so many different parts of the world and from so many different backgrounds. I’m really going to miss Quilliam Brothers’ Teahouse too!

Q How has the scholarship helped?
A It has been so helpful and given me the opportunity to travel to different parts of Europe and visit some incredible landmarks. I plan to explore other areas of the UK and enjoy seeing other amazing parts of Newcastle, as part of this academic and cultural journey. The award has given me an endless amount of opportunities to explore, learn, and engage.

Julia Carey

US Scholar Julia CareyHow are you finding life in Newcastle?
A It’s been an adjustment getting used to the unpredictable weather here, but I love the city! It’s great how easily accessible everything is and everyone I have met has been very friendly.

Q If you could take one thing back home from Newcastle, what would it be?
A If I could take one thing home, it would be the walking lifestyle. I love that people don’t rely on cars as much to get around the city!

Q How has the scholarship helped?
A The scholarship has helped me fund my living expenses at Newcastle. With the money I save, I have been able to plan some great trips throughout the UK and Europe during the semester. I am deeply touched and truly honoured by the award and it has made such a difference to my life.

If you would like to support students studying at Newcastle University, you can contribute to the US Friends Scholarship Fund. More information about how to donate can be found at:


published on: 13 November 2015