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Law Alumni Scholarships and Adversity Grants

Law Alumni Scholarships and Adversity Grants

7 May 2021

Alumni Scholarship and Adversity Grants

Our Alumni Scholarships (Stage 1 Achievement through Adversity Grants and Stage 2 Alumni Scholarship) are funded by the generous gifts of the alumni of the Law School, in recognition of the need to reinvest and support successive groups of students studying at Newcastle as the costs of Higher Education increase.

This past year has been even more difficult for many of our students who have been unable to work part-time or have experienced other financial difficulties. A generous donation from one of our alumni of £10,000 (12,500 with Gift Aid) in December 2020 has enabled the Law School to award additional adversity grants this year, including for the first time to our Stage 3 students. This gift also means that additional adversity grants will be awarded during the next academic year 2021-22.

Alumni Scholarship Winners

Callum Martin: 'In a year like no other, the Alumni Scholarship has continued to provide me much-needed financial support, enabling me to adapt to the current educational climate. Alongside supporting me with living expenses (and the increased amount of coffee that is being bought!), the funds have significantly mitigated the difficulties of online learning. With it being safer at home, I have been able to buy and maintain the use of a printer, whilst also upgrading my home workstation to afford me a productive environment to work in. This has made a huge difference to my experience of online learning and I am extremely grateful to all the alumni who have made this possible.'

Fatima Noor: ‘I would like to say a massive thank you to the benefactors of my Law School Alumni Scholarship. Due to the help I have received, both my personal life and my studies have improved significantly. In relation to my personal life, I was able to re-purchase a gym membership and continue with my training sessions. In addition, I can now take part in various virtual society events, which I would not have been able to do but for the Alumni Scholarship. I have now purchased all the appropriate resources to enhance my studies. My mental health has improved significantly and as a result, I successfully undertook a virtual mini-pupillage.  Once again, thank you to those that have made this possible!'