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Pei Heng Yang comes first in Anthony Hall Photography Prize 2019!

The Anthony Hall Photography Prize was founded in 2015 in memory of Anthony Hall who sadly passed away. The competition was set up by Anthony’s godmother Teresa Graham – also a Newcastle University graduate – alongside Anthony’s mother, Diane.

Newcastle University and Newcastle University Photography Society, would like to thank the generosity of Teresa Graham and Anthony's mother, Diane, for organising and funding the Anthony Hall Exhibition and prize.

The exhibition is a highly prestigious gathering of young talented creators that are members of the University’s Photography Society who have worked around the themes ‘emotion’ and ‘single colour’ to produce images this year.

A huge congratulations to the 13 winners who were awarded a prize, and again thank you to everyone who took part. Pei Heng Yang took the coveted first prize.

Pei’s photo - Sunset walking by the church – 29/10/2019, was taken on one sunny afternoon. From the Tyne’s river side towards the All Saints Church, the surrounding buildings act as the leading line towards the church. Pedestrians walking on the street look towards the church, drawing the viewer’s attention in, creating a harmonious composition.

Second place was awarded to Nils Wendland and third to Diana Slepikaite. Prizes were also awarded to Isabel Encina Klatt, Andrew Russel, Marie Nonn, Wincy Chen Chui Kuen, Harry Kenny, Sakshi Jain, Dami Fawehinmi, Zhi Xuan Yew, Edward Yeoh and Sowmya Ragupathi. Congratulations to all!

Anthony Hall prize

published on: 11 December 2019