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‘Creative Community’ introducing students to the Creative Sector

Launching in December by Newcastle graduate, Kate Byrne, the ‘Creative Community' subscription box is a tool designed to introduce students to career options available in the creative sector.

Creativity is one of the most important skills in the world. It is incredibly powerful and far reaching. It can change the world, help communities and shape our future.

When Forbes asked hundreds of companies to find the top qualities in good hires, creativity came up on top. LinkedIn, unsurprisingly, found the same. This came alongside adaptability, working as a team, social intelligence and good communication. And where can you learn all of these skills? Design education.

Creative Community is a subscription box service designed to introduce students to the different fields available in the creative sector.

The program was founded by fellow alumna Kate Byrne, a designer with an honours degree in Architecture from Newcastle University, and a small business owner with just over eight years of teaching experience.

“This ‘Creative Community’ project is a new endeavour that I am really excited about, as I believe it can be a very useful tool for many school students who are beginning to think about their future careers.” Kate explains.

“The idea came to me after I was approached by several parents from an art workshop I was running, asking me to speak to their children about working in the creative industry. I knew from personal experience how difficult it can be to get information on this topic. Our boxes combat this by taking a bottom-up approach to nurture future talent. We do this by creating an environment to inform students and their parents of the career opportunities in the creative sector.

“As a designer who has got so much satisfaction from working in the creative industry, I felt a responsibility to help students considering a similar career path to be able to make an informed decision about their futures.”

Each month the box focuses on a different creative who will speak frankly about their experience, their challenges, and their journey to give students an invaluable insight into that sector. As well as this personal exchange, the students are given a creative activity to complete based on the specialty of the artist.

The launch box, due to be sent out to subscribers in December 2020, features the incredibly talented Emily Fluen – founder of Limpet Store! From humble beginnings in her parent's garage, Emily now stocks her products in stores such as Topshop and Skinnydip and her popularity just keeps on growing (with 22.5K Instagram followers at last count)!

The boxes will be premiered at this years’ York Design Week in October 2020 alongside more events and exhibitions to inspire and empower the next generation of creatives!

Design and the arts will play a crucial role in rebuilding our economy over the coming years. Redesigning old systems, underpinning manufacturing and export as well as providing much needed culture to communities.

Find out more about Creative Community and their subscription boxes.

Creative Community

published on: 21 October 2020