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Graduate's record-breaking ride

Kane Avellano has become the youngest person to motorcycle around the world solo. Kane, who graduated from Newcastle University in 2015, arrived back on Tyneside earlier this month after his epic 32,000 mile journey.

Kane completed his record-breaking trek the day before his 24th birthday. Arriving back in his home town of South Shields on his bike, Bonnie, Kane was greeted by friends, family, the Mayor of South Tyneside and local media.

His journey took him through 35 different countries. He said: "I had the chance to discover what the world really has to offer, to meet many different people along the way and explore their cultures, religions and behaviours, while having an incredible time."

Keeping on track

Kane's journey was not without peril though. Besides travelling alone and unsupported, Kane faced many challenges, including powerful storms and torrential downpours. Visiting six continents also saw Kane subjected to freezing weather and blistering desert rides.

"I faced each challenge with excitement, now knowing how I would overcome it or who would help me!" he said.

Whenever possible, Kane posted about his adventure on social media. In doing so, he raised awareness about travelling in places rarely visited by tourists and helped inspire others to start their own adventures too. Kane also used his travelling to raise money for Unicef, a leading charity which works for children living in danger.

In spite of his epic travel, Kane has been busy since he returned. He said: "I've been very busy, catching up with my business and preparing to do a MBA."

He is also planning further adventures. "I'm looking to obtain a pilot licence, to fly solo around the world too. I'm also going to make some modifications to the bike, I'd love to visit and explore Africa!"

You can read more about Kane's journey by visiting his website.

Kane Avellano's journey took him through 35 different countries.

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