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Angela Rippon interviews Helen McArdle about the importance of ageing and research

Helen McArdle CBE, who was born and raised locally in the North East has donated £2.5 million to Newcastle University to help with research into ageing being conducted at The Catalyst.

Helen McArdle CBE, a leading local business woman, has dedicated her life to the care and support of people. She began her career establishing the McArdle Care Group and operated fifty care homes for over thirty years before 'retiring' and dedicating her time to helping others.

Her generous donation of £2.5 million to Newcastle University aims to provide further support to the University so it can continue to be one of the world leaders in addressing priorities for ageing.

If you would like to learn more about the vital work that is being conducted at The Catalyst along with Helen's interview with Angela Rippon CBE, view the videos via our web page 


Angella Rippon CBE and Helen McAradle in conversations

published on: 27 January 2020