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Over £160,000 Raised to Support COVID-19 Emergency Funds

Thanks to generous Newcastle University alumni, friends and staff over £160,000 has been raised, to date, to support the University’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two emergency funds have been established to support the University and those affected by COVID-19. The first fund will provide additional support for students who have been impacted adversely by the pandemic while the second will support COVID-19 related research.
Donations to further support either fund can be made using our online donor form.​
Money raised to support students will provide immediate financial aid to vulnerable and disadvantaged students who are most affected by the impact of COVID-19, providing bursaries of up to £400 each. The fund provides support for basic living costs such as food and medication, as well as help with other challenges they may be experiencing, for example, not having access to vital IT equipment due to the closure of libraries and shared working spaces.
Researchers across the University are now redirecting their expertise towards combatting the impacts of COVID-19. Projects under way include work to develop rapid diagnostics and targeted experimental therapy for COVID-19; contributing to the discovery of new drugs to combat COVID-19; studying the resilience of food chains and food security; and helping ensure that solitude is not turning into loneliness for older adults due to restrictions during the pandemic. Money raised to support these, and other research programmes, allows our colleagues to go further, faster.
NU Advancement, on behalf of Newcastle University, would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have already donated and supported this fundraising effort. 
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published on: 4 June 2020