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Recognising our unsung heroes – Patrick Melville on Thank and Praise, the digital thanking wall

In less than a month, new social platform Thank and Praise has received over 700 messages of thanks to key workers during the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK, including those at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle.

“Thank and Praise (TAP) works on the backline to support the frontline,” explained Patrick Melville, alumnus of Newcastle University and Marketer for TAP, “by providing a free-to-use digital thanking wall to enable the general public to post their appreciation for the courageous and selfless people working in healthcare, education and other key worker sectors during the COVID-19 outbreak.”

One public message posted on the board, addressed to the Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI), read: ‘Thanks will never be enough. You really are angels of mercy’, while another began ‘Thank you to you lovely, lovely people for saving lives, being heroes and showing the world how amazing our NHS is.’. Upon receiving a compilation of touching positive messages from the platform, a representative of the RVI replied: ‘Thank you […]. We are very grateful for the time you have taken to inform us of this, as it is important for staff to receive positive feedback, particularly in the current climate.’

Other North East organisations prominently recognised on TAP include the Northumbria NHS Foundation Trust, Scarbrough Court Care Home, Dalecare and Merit Homecare Throckley Girls. The platform is designed for ease of use, only requiring users to share their message and the name of the organisation being thanked, with name and email being optional. Anyone can send a message of thanks via or through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

A little more about Patrick
Alumnus Patrick Melville graduated from Newcastle University with a Combined Honours degree in Spanish and English. We asked Patrick to describe his experience of studying at Newcastle, and to tell us about his career journey from graduation to TAP: “I was one of those students who wanted to live a different life and embraced what the University gave me. I fell into marketing rather than consciously choosing it as a vocation, but the learnings I gained from studying and the extracurricular activities at Newcastle allowed me to approach interviews with confidence.”

Finally, when asked if he had a message for the alumni community, Patrick said: “We live in a more open society and our career journey can be flexible. We don’t need to decide what we will do now for the rest of our lives - just have a go.”

Do you have a message for healthcare professionals, education organisations or other key workers? Visit Thank and Praise to let them know.

published on: 8 April 2020