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Tributes paid to a Courier legend

Tributes have been paid to Monica Doughty, who served as part of the team at Newcastle University’s student newspaper, The Courier, for over four decades.

On Saturday 25 March 2017, Newcastle University alumni reunited at the Students’ Union to celebrate the life of Monica Doughty.

Students, both past and present, joined The Courier, Newcastle University Students’ Union and the University, for an afternoon in celebration of Monica’s unique contribution to Newcastle.

Monica was Office and Advertising Manager of the award-winning The Courier for 40 years until her retirement in 1998. As part of the team, she trained, mentored and inspired many of today’s leading media and political figures.

In October 2016, Monica was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the University for her “outstanding commitment to The Courier and to the generations of students who have profited from her professional and pastoral support.”

Very sadly, only weeks after receiving her Fellowship Monica passed away. A number of former students and Courier staffers attended Monica’s funeral, however many others who wished to be there, for practical reasons could not attend.

Following this, two of Monica’s closest companions, alumni Dominic Pinto, Union Society and SRC Secretary 1978-79, and Nick Richardson, Union Society and SRC President 1977-78, opted to organise an open event in celebration of Monica’s life.

The event included talks from notable guests from The Courier, The Students’ Union and the University, as well displays of archival material from Monica’s time at The Courier. The event also saw the launch of a student journalism award, ‘The Monica Doughty’, which will be presented each year at the Students’ Union’s annual Media Awards. 


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