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Taking the High Road

A team of Newcastle graduates are undertaking an epic 7000km cycle ride through the Himalayas from Shanghai to Kathmandu in aid of a Nepalese children's charity.

Rory Buckworth, Philip Hunter and Sam Day set off on their unsupported cycle ride at the start of February. The four-month trek involves the trio riding through some challenging environments, from busy streets to mountain ranges, passing through seven countries.

Rory said: "The idea for this trip has evolved over the last year. Our original idea was to cycle the Karakorum Highway, which would have taken only two weeks. But the idea grew and grew, and the trip is now four months of cycling and potentially six months delivering our community project."

Cycling for charity

The challenge is in aid of Chora Chori, a Nepalese children's charity. The charity rescues and rehabilitates displaced Nepalese children from India.

Rory said: "In the last 18 months up to 13,000 women and children were trafficked into India. Chora Chori is rescuing children and reuniting them with their families.

"They also fund education projects, which is where we come in. Our team, guided by Philip Hunter (BEng Mechanical Engineering 2015), has designed a refuge that we will be building once we get to Kathmandu."

The refuge the team has designed will act as a transit shelter, housing up to 20 girls at a time. It is designed to be self-sustaining, allowing the charity to make the best use of their other funds. Built using rubble from last year's massive earthquake, the new shelter will also be earthquake proof.

Rory said: "The planning phase of this trip has been both enjoyable and exhausting. We have some really great sponsors and everything rapidly fell into place. We have done all the training and all the planning, so all we want now is to get going!"

You can follow the team's progress, learn more about the refuge and sponsor them via Facebook.


published on: 2 March 2016