School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape

Virtual Degree Show 2020

We are excited to showcase the brilliant work of our students in this online format for the first time, this immersive platform is accessible via virtual reality headsets, desktops and mobile handsets - for online viewing it is recommended to use Google Chrome as your browser.

The virtual gallery consists of 15 rooms across two floors, each room contains the work of a studio. You can physically walk around the full gallery using on-screen controls (best for mobiles) or arrows keys (best for PCs), as explained in the ? button. To go up and down the stairs you simply walk to the stairs door and you will be transported to the alternate level.

Each piece of student work has an annotation accompanying it, which contains their academic portfolio and contact details – this can be accessed by clicking the small i button and the information will be available in a pop-up box and you can click through to view portfolios full screen.

We hope you enjoy visiting our Degree Show, this is our first venture into presenting our students’ creativity and talent in any way other than our physical shows in Newcastle and London and we welcome any feedback you may have on our virtual platform. Please get in touch here.

This web experience may take a few moments to load.
Recommended viewing on desktop and laptop with Google Chrome or Firefox.

For Full Screen Viewing Click Here


Floor 1 – Stage 3 BA Architecture

Building upon Building
Ordinary Resilience
Ghosts in the Machine
House of Memories
Future City
Remedial Housing
Legacies of Modernism

Floor 2 – Master of Architecture/Stage 3 BA Architecture and Urban Planning

Belfast Excavations
Cultural Assemblages
Archiving the City
Material Change
Oikos Transformed
Remapping the Neo Avant Garde
Stage 3 Architecture and Urban Planning