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AHRA 17th Annual PhD Student Symposium ‘Research Encounters via Architecture’s Methods’, Wednesday 22 — Thursday 23 April 2020.

Owing to the Covid-19 outbreak we are changing the format of the AHRA PhD Student Symposium to be a virtual, peer-led event. We will also be collating participants’ papers for an online publication, more details on this to follow.

Date/Time: 22 April 2020, 9:00 - 17:00

Venue: Newcastle University

We are very excited to announce that the next AHRA Annual PhD Student Symposium 2020, ‘Research Encounters via Architecture’s Methods’, will be hosted by the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape at Newcastle University on Wednesday 22ndThursday 23rd April 2020. The symposium is set to be an incredibly exciting and engaging event within the School, and an opportunity to showcase the School and its doctoral research more widely to those visiting. In addition to a keynote by Yeoryia Manolopoulou (Professor of Architecture and Experimental Research, Bartlett), there will be a mix of workshops and paper sessions, as well as an exhibition.

More information and details of the call for papers can be found on the event website:

The Organising Committee very much look forward to welcoming everyone to the School, and hope to see you there.

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AHRA 2020 17 Symposium Poster