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Community, Design, Practice Exhibition

Fenham Pocket Park & Scotswood Natural Community Garden Exhibition

Date/Time: Tuesday 2nd - 26th April

Venue: The Gallery, Architecture Building

Community, Design, Practice is an exhibition that celebrates two ESRC IAA funded projects in the west end of Newcastle upon Tyne: the making of Fenham Pocket Park and a sensory and design exploration at Scotswood Natural Community Garden.

Fenham Pocket Park

The design of the park is the result of a co-production process with the community and partners. Situated between Fenham Library and Fenham Community Pool, the Pocket Park provides a space for people to spend time in the outdoor area and connect with nature, in an otherwise harsh urban environment.

Comprising planters, a play space and seating, and with trees providing homes for wildlife the project had a positive impact in engaging the local school, allotment holders and local residents in looking after the area.  Volunteers from the allotments and the local school support the park to create wider educational activities.

Scotswood Natural Community Garden

Scotswood Natural Community Garden is an independent charity which runs a wide ranging of engaging community programmes, including nature-based sessions for children and therapeutic gardening sessions for adults. This participatory design project explored the meanings that SNCG has for its many users, enabling them to create a shared vision for its future. Using Sensory Mapping techniques the project engaged key groups of users to explore and understand the garden's significance and value whilst co-creating a design proposal to optimise and expand its existing programme of activities. 

The projects were carried out by an interdisciplinary research team from Newcastle University’s School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape led by Daniel Mallo and Armelle Tardiveau in collaboration with Abigail Schoneboom and Damien Wootten. The exhibition highlights the contribution of socially engaged design practice in bringing about change to everyday life in an urban environment. 

Fenham Pocket Park Exhibition