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The UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference 2021

The UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference 2021

8 September - 10 September

To mark the 75th anniversary of planning education at Newcastle University, the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape is pleased to host the 2021 UK-Ireland Planning Research (virtual) Conference on 8-10 September 2021, which includes the RTPI Award ceremony for planning research excellence, the PhD workshop and Planning Schools Forum (Heads of Schools0.

The theme of the conference, Re-imagining the Planning Project, aims to stimulate discussions on how the progressive ideals of creating better places have evolved and what the future holds for the planning project.  At a time when multiple and interrelated crises are having devastating effects on people’s lives and livelihoods and on places’ vibrancy and vitality, what could be the role and purpose of planning, and what values and ideals could motivate planning thoughts, educations and practices? We welcome papers that reflect on these and other critical questions about the future of the planning project, and look forward to welcoming you to the 2021 conference.

Professor Simin Davoudi and Dr Susannah Gunn

Abstract Submissions are now open


1. Planning, politics and reforms (Dr Dave Webb and Dr Diego Garcia Mejuto)

2. Spatial justice and regional inequalities (Dr Gabriel Silvestre, Dr Cat Button and Dr Helen Underhill)

3. Housing, real estate and gentrification (Dr Emma Ormerod and Dr Raymond Abdulai)

4. Town centre and public space (Dr Neil Powe and Dr Georgiana Varna)

5. Urban design and public health (Prof Tim Townsend and Prof Rose Gilroy)

6. Nature, sustainability and climate emergency (Dr Ruth Machen and Dr Miranda Lossifidis

7. Mobility and infrastructure (Prof Geoff Vigar and Prof Steve Graham)

8. Digital technologies and civic engagement (Prof Jeremy Crampton and Sean Peacock)

9. Planning pedagogy/reimagining futures (Dr Loes Veldpaus and Sonali Dhanpal)