School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape

Primer Exhibition 2018

Stage 3 Architecture students showcase their work in Primer Exhibition

The Primer show is a celebration of the first four weeks’ output from Stage 3

The third year in the BA Hons Architecture degree is run as a year-long studio, with students being divided into eight studio groups. The year is split into four distinct phases – Primer, Staging, Realisation and Refinement. The Primer Show marks the end of the initial Primer stage, where students have been encouraged to explore and develop their studio themes.

The output from each studio varies significantly, and is structured around the differing starting points and interests of the studios.  Some can be more materially focussed, such as Studio 7 Palace of Ecologies, who have created bird houses for specific species, others based around place, such as Studio 5 Future City, who have explored and analysed the architectural merit and historical significance of key ‘exchange’ buildings, and others focused on process such as Studio 1 GAFIA who by exploring the coastal area of Northumberland have been encouraged to develop their own creative practices.

The majority of studios combine teamwork and individual activities which feature in the Primer Show. The exhibition gives students the chance to prepare a show, develop presentation skills delivering to their entire year group, learn about the other studios’ perspectives and engage in debate and discussion around emerging themes.  

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