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TVTE Nature - Exploring Nature and Place(making) at the Team Valley Trading Estate

A one day pop-up public exhibition on 19 July showcases the research led by Abigail Schoneboom from APL and Oliver Moss from Northumbria University

Researchers at Northumbria and Newcastle Universities are keen to learn more about how people working, recreating or otherwise spending time in the Team Valley Trading Estate (TVTE) encounter, engage with and respond to nature – in all its diversity.

During Summer/Autumn 2018 we engaged with a group of TVTE users, including food vendors, salespeople, lawyers and dog-walkers. During these months, 20 participants have carried out a self-directed photography exercise using a disposable camera. These TVTE users are also reflected on some of the images they have captured. The photos and comments are presented here, which are just a few of those that have been produced. 

To showcase the photographs UK Land Estates will be hosting a pop-up public exhibition on 19 July from 9am - 4pm in the foyer of the Axis Building, Maingate. Everyone is welcome so do come along!

Willow Tree

"My favourite tree on the valley, grand weeping willow tree.”


“I took this to remind myself that within throwing distance of my office is a sanctuary that belies the industrial estate it is situated in. I like to make a point of coming here on my lunch break to remind myself that none of us who work on TVTE have to resign ourselves to being desk jockies, we just need to leave our offices and take a brisk walk to see what’s out there.”

published on: 8 July 2019