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Andrea Toth Award 2014

The Andrea Toth Award has been awarded to Zhuoran Li by the judging committee Henna Asikainen, Cath Keay, James Morton, Charlotte Powell, Tara Stewart, Tracey Tofield, Keri Townsend, and Damien Wootten.

The judging commitee said:

"Zhuoran Li revealed himself as an outstanding student throughout the year group.  His presence and enthusiasm throughout the year made the sessions delightful for tutors and fellow students. His sketchbook revealed a high level of draughtsmanship skills, and an outstanding level of investigation, analysis, self-directed learning and creative thinking. His hand is extremely gentle with the paper and pencil, and the judges were impressed by his authenticity and originality. His poetic lyrical approach is reminiscent of Andrea and her art.

In fact, his ambition and vision was such that he decided to tackle the notoriously difficult French Macaroon As Art during the What’s Cooking project. He even made a complete environment to display the multi coloured macaroons he had made. They looked wonderful and Andrea, an excellent cook, would have been delighted with his commitment, enthusiasm and quiet energy."

The Andrea Toth Award is given to a first year student in architecture who has shown an excellent ability to develop and go further with his/her visual skills and apply them to architecture, being enthusiastic, courageous, experimental, curious, and joyful!  The Award was set up in memory of Andrea Toth, a truly missed painter who taught in the architecture school from 2007 until her death in 2013 and was an inspiration to many students and staff.

The award is worth £100 pounds and must be used to purchase art materials.  


published on: 15 October 2014