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Anna Minton appointed as Visiting Professor

Anna Minton has been appointed as Visiting Professor in the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (SAPL) at Newcastle University for three years. She has made her mark as a journalist, broadcaster and as an author of books that draw upon scholarship in urban studies, and is currently Reader in Architecture at the University of East London. Her book Ground Control examines fear and happiness in the contemporary city, and draws on work carried out by Steve Graham and colleagues in APL. Her recent book Big Capital asks ‘who is London for?’ and draws upon the recent work of Roger Burrows in APL, and Richard Webber (also a Visiting Professor in SAPL), on the impact of the super-rich on neighbourhoods in London. Anna will be a frequent visitor to Newcastle and will be giving various talks and participating in various events during her time with us.

Adam Sharr, Head of SAPL, commenting on news of the appointment said: ‘We’re delighted to announce Anna Minton’s Visiting Professorship in Newcastle. Her work on the housing crisis in London, and by implication the UK at large - based on both critical analysis and human stories - is closely connected with our own work in the School on spatial inequalities in contemporary cities. We look forward to a fruitful research collaboration and connections with our highly-regarded research-led teaching’.


Anna Minton

published on: 1 November 2017