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APL Appointments to REF Panels

APL’s Roger Burrows and Maggie Roe have both been appointed to Research Excellence Framework (REF) panels as experts in their fields.  The next REF exercise will be conducted in 2021, and will assess research outputs from UK higher education institutions.  Each of the 34 subject-based sub-panels will review the submissions for their categories under the guidance of the four main panels 

Maggie Roe has been appointed to the Architecture, Built Environment & Planning sub-panel in recognition of her background in landscape research.  Professor Roger Burrows will sit on the Social Work & Social Policy sub-panel as an interdisciplinary adviser.   These early appointments are made to assist with developing the criteria during 2018 for REF 2021.  Work will begin on the assessment phase in late 2020. 

For a full list of all panel members please visit  Information on REF 2021 can be viewed here  Landscape Institute release regarding Maggie Roe’s appointment found here

Congratulations on the appointments!

published on: 17 April 2018