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Architecture student's film showcases skateboarding in the north east

School architecture student Adam Todhunter has spent two years on a project documenting street skateboarding (outside of a skatepark) across the north of England, focusing on the skateboarders of Newcastle and Cumbria.

The resulting film Coast to Coast was premiered on February 7th 2015 at the Cycle Hub on the Newcastle Quayside and had an audience of around 150 people.  Adam said:

"Coast to Coast was filmed over a two year period with numerous people, some of which I knew before starting and some that I met during the filming process. The film acts as a showcase for skateboarding talent, where individuals have approximately 3 minutes to show their best tricks and innovative use of the urban landscape.

I have so far sold approximately 300 copies of the DVD and counting. The DVD can be purchased from my website at"



published on: 1 April 2015